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August 2018

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PostSubject: PLAYSTATION®3 Users   Thu Apr 30, 2009 12:32 pm

Users category

Create users or turn off the PS3™️ system. If you create multiple users, data such as saved data for PLAYSTATION®️3 format software, messages sent and received under (Friends) and bookmarks under (Internet Browser) are maintained separately for each user. The following icons are displayed under (Users).

Turn Off System Turn off the PS3™️ system.
Create New User Create a new user.
(user name) Log in to the PS3™️ system.


The following types of data stored on the hard disk are displayed regardless of which user logs in. If data is deleted, other users will also be unable to use it. Be careful not to accidentally delete important data.

Saved data for PlayStation®️2 / PlayStation®️ format software
Games displayed under (Game)
Video files displayed under (Video)
Music files displayed under (Music)
Image files displayed under (Photo)


Some PlayStation®️2 or PlayStation®️ format software titles may perform differently on the PS3™️ system than they do on PlayStation®️2 or PlayStation®️ systems, or may not perform properly on the PS3™️ system.
Also, PlayStation®️2 format software cannot be played on some PS3™️ systems. For details, refer to [Types of Playable Discs], visit the SCE Web site for your region or review the documentation that was included with your PS3™️ system.

Turning off the system

To turn off the PS3™️ system, select (Turn Off System) under (Users) in the home menu. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform this operation.


When turning off the PS3™️ system, if a background download is being performed or there is content that has not yet been installed, you can set the system to turn off automatically after the download or installation has been completed. In such cases, a message and a checkbox for the setting will be displayed.

For information on background downloads, see (Network) > (Download Management) > [Background Download] in this guide.

Creating new users

To create a new user, select (Create New User) under (Users) in the home menu, and then enter a user name.


You can enter up to 16 characters in a user name.

User names and icons can be changed under [Information] in the options menu.
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