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 The playstation Home Update thread

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The playstation Home Update thread Empty
PostSubject: The playstation Home Update thread   The playstation Home Update thread Icon_minitimeSat Apr 25, 2009 4:50 pm


Thanks Godsgift1888

This thread contains information from around the 4 regions of home (Hong Kong , Japan , Unites States Of America and Europe) this thread shall be updated on a weekly basis or a fortnightly basis dependant if there are any updates within the regions

So if you are at work or don't have access to your Playstation 3 and would like to know what's happening in your region and others well this thread is the place for you

Now the information here will come from PSN friends in their respective regions and on the update day all information will not be posted straight away although i will try my best to get it as fast as i can

As always i will try get pictures aswell with and when possible i cannot promise the quality but as a wise man said "something is better than nothing"

And also if you have any information regarding a region that i have not posted then feel free to PM me and let me know

Note: Please keep this thread on subject

Thanks godsgift1888


April the 23rd 2009

EU: I must say what an update J

Anyways onto the goodies

Today see's the highly awaited EA sports Complex come to home but not fully localised

The original V store get over 20 new shirts for user's to buy

Star trek male and female outfits also come to the shopping centre today via threads

The Xi Quest has also got an update

MySoti comes to home the shop can be found in threads also priced at £1.59

Reward t-shirts for the EA sports complex

US: Ok lets start

Today US see's more SF4 costumes for both male and female to complete the set soon

They also have the EA sports complex fully localised for their region

A few posters have been updated

Xi has also been updated

Reward T-Shirts from EA sport's complex

Angel and demon promotional shirts 2$ for the pack or 25 cents each

JAPAN: Now for japan the home of gaming for me

Poster's have been updated

Various glitches have been fixed

Their next event has information

There is a killzone 2 questionnaire in their cinema to receive ISA uniform

Also a questionnaire for a laptop in trousers at their cafe

Their cafe although still remains under construction

The sakura season has really started as leaves are now falling off trees in the Japanese home square

There are new items in their mall

There are also two new spaces from a 3rd party developer that reminds me of N64 and has some sort of card game

And the other has a weird quiz thing

ASIA: Last but not least is Asia

The Sakura season has also started here with leaves falling off the tree's in the Asian home


The street fighter 4 dolls are now available in their shopping centre

The trash box survey has finished

And the Vaio-P survey has started just like Japan

Posters have been updated

Videos in the square have been changed

Various glitches throughout the Asian home have been fixed

Please note there may be more information but this is what i have got so far

April The 9th 2009

(Would be pictures but the links have exceeded bandwith)

US: New EA Space Godfather II Poker room

and some new clothes

Resident evil 5 studio lot updated now includes the treasure hunt with prizes

EU: Two new stores Alter Ego and the V-shirt store

Few more clothes in threads

Free t-shirt in the virtual t-shirt store

Also Xi has updated and you can gain a Xi shirt as a reward

JAPAN: Don't know Japanese but users have said that a SF4 item set is available within their shopping centre

along with new clothes in threads

The home cafe is closed off to prepare for next event

New trees in their home square

Posters have been changed

Japan Also has the Questionnaire for the trash box(The Trash Can survey is likely to do with Go Mi Bako, a new game that appeared on the Japanese PSN Store) thanks to SinisterJP for this information

ASIA: Siren ward game now available

SF4 item set available in their shopping mall

Cinema updated to 4 screens

cafe closed to prepare for next event

Questionnaire in the cinema area for free trash box item(The Trash Can survey is likely to do with Go Mi Bako, a new game that appeared on the Japanese PSN Store) credit to sinisterJP for the game info =D

A few clothes in threads aswell

Trees are different aswell

Also there is a music video playing in their theatre

Posters have been changed

Please note there may be more information but this is what i have got so farthtggggggggg
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The playstation Home Update thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: The playstation Home Update thread   The playstation Home Update thread Icon_minitimeSun Apr 26, 2009 10:37 am

Locked Until Further Updates.....
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The playstation Home Update thread
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