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 My Soti FAQ*

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PostSubject: My Soti FAQ*   My Soti FAQ* Icon_minitimeSat Apr 25, 2009 6:04 pm

this is Miss Birch's Thread (with the help of tedthe dog) from EU, go ahead and discuss, how do you think the current designs out look?, think they are good?, worth the price?, let us know!, have a good chat

MySoti is a new store coming to PlayStation Home, where users can design and sell their own tops at - selected clothing designs from its community-sourced ‘Most Wanted’ range will also go on sale within PlayStation Home and the designer will receive a percentage of the revenue from their designs sold within PlayStation Home &

Therefore, there is no better time to get designing than now and to show off your designs with the users who just might one day be buying your design within PlayStation Home.

Not only do you get to show off your designs but by posting your designs you will help each other design even better designs.


The following designs are just 2 idea's our very own drvixx has already designed and added to

Therefore, get out the colouring pens and get designing and don't forget to share your designs here with the PlayStation community.


Design tips for T-shirts

All designs should be either an SVG or PNG.
If uploading a PNG then it should be 3750px x 5250px and set at 300dpi.
The first style/color shirt that you choose will be the 'Main' image used throughout the site - so choose wisely!

Thought i'd try to be helpful and post the templates for peoples designs: (thanks Pongo84)


Portrait Artwork:

Landscape Artwork:

Adding in a quick FAQ after feedback in this thread (thanks Nutronic) and a subsequent discussion with the MySoti team themselves. These answers are direct from them:

Q. How often will MySoti be updated in Home?

A. Ideally we'd like to aim at an update every 2 weeks, with 5 shirts per update but obviously this is subject to software production constraints

Q. Is it only the "Most Wanted" t-shirts that will make it into Home?

A. Yes. The shirts will have been voted as Most Wanted within and then chosen specifically for inclusion within Home by a crack panel of MySoti and SCEE judges

Q. How much will the shirts be and how does the percentage thing work?

It costs a designer nothing to get their designs up and to start making money from 'real' versions of shirts within - and the same will be true of the Home versions.

The designer will earn a set-upon and agreed percentage of all sales from their indiviual shirts which will be paid monthly; just as we do with our 'real' shirt sales.

They are due to go on sale at €1.49 (to be confirmed) which we hope will be competitive enough to allow both the MySoti guys some money to eat and the designer of the shirt the opportunity to get a new pair of shoes as well - all being well.

Q. Whats the rules when it comes to copyright?

A. Copyright and original intellectual property rights still exist as they do in the real world. So every design submitted to MySoti MUST be an original work by the person who submits the shirt. So unless you physically own the rights to the logo/design that you submit as your design - and you can prove to MySoti and SCEE that you do - your shirt wont make it I'm afraid. The key to getting good votes is to be original and be creative!

Q. What happens if we notice our design being sold by someone else?

A. You tell us (MySoti) and we will try our best to slap their wrists!

Just as we protect other peoples copyright we will certainly try our best to protect yours.

Q. Is this just EU thats getting this store or will our t-shirts be sold worldwide?

A. We cant comment on this currently. We would love our shirts to be spread across all territories and world (virtual or otherwise) but these are all subject to the will of the gods at the moment
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My Soti FAQ*
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