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 My Soti, Feedback

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PostSubject: My Soti, Feedback   My Soti, Feedback Icon_minitimeSat Apr 25, 2009 6:10 pm

As posted by milnerant, on the EU forums, here is his Feedback Thread for you to Discuss

I emailed mysoti with a couple of questions. They were kind enough to offer a
voucher code for the EUforum to use for 15% off T-shirt purchases as of
25th-26th April (the weekend)

The voucher code is euforumrocks.

Some of the questions I asked maybe of some relevance to mysoti users in Home EUforum.
If you wish to add more feedback to this thread, I can forward them onto the mysoti website team.

I have put some Home photo imagery onto some of the T-shirt designs I
have made. I took the photos myself and was wondering if this is ok to
sell and enter for the Home competition.

To be perfectly honest - the best thing you can do if you're in anyway unsure
as to something being ok or not is to *not* use it.
The best thing to do is to really use 100% your own, hand-drawn imagery.

I cannot navigate the friends I have added easily, as in there is no list
as to finding them. Only way is to search their usernames.

Yeah - the friends usually display on the PROFILE page. We've removed them
temporarily whilst we make some improvements to the site but they'll be
back in a couple of days

Sometimes the voting system does not show up when signed into my account
The site keeps logging me out, and requires logging back in frequently.

Ok, thanks for letting us know. We'll look into this asap. It's not an
issue that we are familiar with (we've had no previous reports) so any
other information you can give would be really appreciated.

Further to this, mysoti team had this to say to the forum…

Thanks for all of the feedback - I really appreciate it.

Also, could you pass a message onto the forum members for me? I just wanted
to say THANKS to everyone for the support and enthusiasm for, our shirts and what we're trying to do within Home by
giving something back to the actual community that live and play here!

We really hope that in the coming weeks someone from the forum gets their
design used and I'm really excited to see what other ideas people have
for shirts!

Also to celebrate the launch of the shirts this week I've added a little voucher code for 'real' shirts to the site.
Just type 'euforumrocks' when you checkout for 15% off this whole weekend!

And thanks again for taking the time out to ask questions and offer feedback. I really appreciate it.
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My Soti, Feedback
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