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 Moderators Outfits in Home.......

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PostSubject: Moderators Outfits in Home.......   Moderators Outfits in Home....... Icon_minitimeTue Apr 28, 2009 12:41 pm

As posted by Muster Buster in EU.......

Home Community!

I have a task for you...

You may well have noticed the fancy threads that the US community guys have been strutting around in:

Moderators Outfits in Home....... DSC04673
(Yes, yes, I stole this picture from eastavenge Moderators Outfits in Home....... 16x16_smiley-very-happy)

Well - after much whinging on our part our own staff will be getting a wardrobe update in the not too distance future! We've had a variety of ideas so far, including:

  • A simple bandanna - with 'STAFF' written across it
  • A fetching purple suit, complete with staff and walk-with-a-limp
  • A Black tie get-up, very sharp, very business.
  • An outfit similar to UPS' - complete with brown shorts and cap (no, please no!)
  • A monkey suit
  • Timmy Mallet suit - complete with mallet

...As you can see, most of our ideas are... well... rubbish! We need some inspiration.

Post your ideas for PlayStation Community Staff uniforms! You can either design one for us if you're the techy type, or even just describe it.

To help keep you on the right track - bear the following things in mind when placing those creative hats atop your head:

  1. We cant use anything that looks like another company's product. Mario outfits, Master Chief and Bob the Builder are all out - sorry.
  2. Text is OK - but difficult as it must be localised. If you're putting text into your design, make sure its very simple - but icons or symbols would be better.
  3. Use your imagination! We have the various body parts - hands, head, torso, legs, shoes and accessories to work with. We can even have items similar to the bubble machine (A UK flag? A set of stocks to trap misbehaving users?) - go nuts, dont hold back!
  4. We want to stand out, but we dont want to look utterly daft Moderators Outfits in Home....... 16x16_smiley-wink

There is no prize involved here, this thread is simply a bit of wider research. If I like an idea, I'll put it forward - but please dont go expecting us to be donning your design next week Moderators Outfits in Home....... 16x16_smiley-wink

Post away!


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Moderators Outfits in Home.......
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