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 23rd April - News update

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PostSubject: 23rd April - News update   23rd April - News update Icon_minitimeSat Apr 25, 2009 10:17 am

This update was posted by a official on the EU Playstation Forums. Post

23rd April - News update

This week we have quite a range of new stuff for you to play with and discover

so without further delay lets walk through them.

Have you looked into the manhole in Home Square? Press X and you’ll be teleported to the

Maintenance area, the underbelly of Home. It’s all part of Xi, our Home-based adventure, which has already brought you a pan-European jigsaw puzzle, deadly space robots, and rumours of some very strange fish.

Want to know more? Find the Xi graffiti on the wall in Home Square. Your world will never look the same again...

EA Sports Complex
Following on from recent dialogue with the community we are releasing this much anticipated new space in SCEE simultaneously with SCEA. Please think of this as as an English only beta within SCEE, there are bugs and, obviously, no localised text for our non-English speaking communities.

The space is being fully localised and it will be updated in the coming weeks. However,

overall we felt you would like to see it within SCEE now, even in its incomplete state.

** To clarify. The EA Sports Complex is actually the American version,

complete with American content and wording. The SCEE Version will have

content more appropriate to our audience and will be in English, French,

Italian, German and Spanish.

STAR TREK boldy goes... to PlayStation®️Home!
As you may have seen in the gaming press in the last week or so a selection of

STAR TREK merchandise, e.g. Starfleet Uniforms and T-Shirts, is now available for

free from the Threads store.
Community driven T-Shirts! is a rather clever site where you can design and sell your own T-Shirts

and we have partnered with the MyStoti team to extend this service into PlayStation®️Home.

Every couple of weeks the MySoti team will be choosing a new series of shirts

from their own "Most Wanted" range and these will then appear in Home for sale.

And yes, the designer will get a cut of the proceeds from both real and virtual world sales.

The website is in English only but the T-shirts are available to all.

The Original V-Store
The classic Indian T had a fantastic take up (and a special thanks to John Van Hamersveld for

letting the Original V-Store use his cult classic design.) Today sees the release of the first

20 designs from a number of V-Store partners including Billabong,

Worn Free, Island Records and Teetonic. Classic T's coming to PlayStation®️Home
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PostSubject: Re: 23rd April - News update   23rd April - News update Icon_minitimeSun Apr 26, 2009 1:53 pm

bounce Home is growing
That is good to see , some pretty good stuff so far. Like the EA complex i can't wait for the non beta one
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23rd April - News update
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